The Handler: Floating Camera Grip


The Handler: Floating Camera Grip for GoPro

Capture your adventures with unparalleled stability and precision with The Handler, the ultimate floating camera grip designed specifically for your GoPro. Whether you’re surfing the waves, kayaking down a river, or simply enjoying a leisurely swim, The Handler ensures your GoPro stays afloat and within reach, delivering stunning, steady footage every time.

Ergonomic Design and Secure Grip:

  • Non-slip Construction: The Handler features a comfortable, non-slip grip that ensures a secure hold, even in wet conditions, allowing you to focus on the action without worrying about dropping your camera.
  • Lightweight and Durable: Crafted with rugged materials, this floating grip is both lightweight and durable, designed to withstand extreme environments and vigorous activities.

Optimized for Water Adventures:

  • Buoyant Body: Keep your GoPro afloat with The Handler’s buoyant design, making it perfect for all your water-based activities. Never lose your camera to the depths again.
  • Quick Release Base: Easily switch between mounts with the quick-release base, making it simple to capture a wide range of angles and perspectives.

Enhanced Shooting Capabilities:

  • Wrist Strap for Added Security: Comes equipped with an adjustable wrist strap, ensuring your GoPro is always safely attached to your arm, allowing for more freedom and security while filming.
  • Perfect for Underwater Filming: The Handler not only floats but also enhances stability and control for underwater shooting, delivering clearer, more professional-looking footage.

Versatile and Compatible:

  • Universal Compatibility: Designed to fit all GoPro models, The Handler is the perfect accessory for any GoPro user, from the novice adventurer to the seasoned pro.
  • Multipurpose Use: Not just for water sports, The Handler also improves the quality of your footage on land, making it an essential tool for all your adventures.

Elevate your GoPro footage with The Handler, the floating camera grip that combines security, functionality, and versatility. Whether capturing waves, exploring underwater, or enjoying a day at the pool, The Handler is your GoPro’s best companion for stable, stunning footage.


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